10 Songs You Should Hear Part IV


Stay Loose is proud to present: 10 Songs Out Of Long Island You Should Hear Part IV. You can find links to Parts I-III on stayloose.net – without further ado, here are the 10 (+1 bonus) songs in no particular order:

1. Colorful Kid: All Ways


One of my favorite new bands is Colorful Kid, a five man Rock group from LI. The guys released their self-titled debut EP this past January and are currently working on a full-length album. I got a chance to see them play Amityville Music Hall earlier this month – they’ve got a raw, authentic sound that translates perfectly into their live show. The EP is a consistent, solid effort front to back – my favorite track is All Ways.

2. Charlie Fields: Jab Step


The LI rap clique Loose Camp dropped a new project earlier this Summer called Loose Camp Supreme 2015. The main contributors – Ant Matos, Marlo DeMore and Charlie Fields – put together a 14 track mixtape featuring collabs with Lock the Tree Mason, Reek da Villian and August Harris from Nonstop to Cairo.  Two of my favorite tracks from the tape both feature Fields: Poe Up My Cup (a collab with Ant Matos) and Jab Step, which you should check out below.

3. We Take Fire: Jane


We Take Fire is a six piece Indie Rock band out of Lake Grove. They’re a young group, but have already been together for four years and just released their second EP Movies Where The Dog Dies in July of this year. I was super impressed with their live show and I’ve had their EP on rotation in the studio since they released it. My favorite track is called Jane – listen below, and you can also check out their live acoustic performance of it on Somewhere Sessions.

4. See: Waiting For You


See is a promising young singer/songwriter out of Centerport – she started writing her own music at age 15 and released her first EP The Time Thief in 2014 at age 19. The EPs single and standout track is a mellow, warm acoustic song called Waiting For You. It instantly puts me into a better mood, looking forward to hearing more from See! (+ check out the music video here).

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5. White Line Tiger: Rosa

White Line Tiger is a five piece post-hardcore band out of Elmont. They dropped their debut album Just Let It Happen back in 2012 – I just came across them recently and I’m really glad I did, this album has some seriously nice tracks – absolutely worth a listen front to back. I haven’t got a chance to see them play live yet, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for upcoming shows. My favorite track from the album is the opener, Rosa.

6. Nonstop to Cairo: Up the Tempo


The homies from Nonstop to Cairo dropped a small sample of the new material they’ve been working on with the release of the music video for Up the Tempo in July. Go give the video a view (shout out to Matt Ezzo for reppin’ that Stay Loose snapback) and stay tuned for more info on Nonstop’s new album release.

7. The Tallest Trees in the Universe: Numbered

The Tallest Trees in the Universe are an alt-rock band from Long Island – they released their debut EP Visitor in June of this year. I’m really enjoying this EP at the moment – a collection of six really solid tracks. My favorite track is Numbered – the build up to the chorus is insanely awesome (reminds me a little bit of another band out of LI you may have heard of: Taking Back Sunday) – give it a listen:

8. Glassjaw: Tip Your Bartender


Post-Hardcore legends Glassjaw showed up to Amityville Music Hall this month and dropped a surprise 30min set. I’m still not sure how it was announced (I was there to see two other local bands) but word got out somehow: there was a line down the street and barley and room to stand in the small venue. Formed in 1994, these guys helped pioneer the post-hardcore movement and are one of the best bands ever to come out of LI. In honor of their recent pop-up show at AMH, here’s Tip Your Bartended from their 2002 album Worship and Tribute.

9. LifeStat: Take It Easy

LifeStat is a hip-hop artist out of LI. He just released a new album called Significant in April of this year. The album drops Stat’s smooth, vibrant flow over mellow, vibey beats – it creates a really chill sound and cohesive album front to back. One of my favorite hip-hop albums in a while – and my favorite track from the album is called Take It Easy.

10. The Offshore Regulars: Ain’t No Wifey


These guys made 10SYSH Part III back in May with their song Maria off the debut album The New Guy – then they went and dropped a brand new EP called Heathens a month later, and the EP is so dope, I had to give them another feature in Part IV. Ain’t No Wifey is my jam.

Bonus. Shinobi Ninja: One Time for the Radio


10 songs weren’t enough for this edition – had to show some love to a band out of neighboring Brooklyn: Shinobi Ninja. I had a chance to check them out at Beerfields back in June and picked up their most recent album Escape From New York shortly after. They’re such a unique blend of music – a diverse group of personalities working together creating this super interesting result. I especially love the visual they achieve with their music video for the single Doom Gloom. My favorite track on the album though is One Time for the Radio. How could you not love that guitar riff?

That’s it for this edition, thanks for giving it a read. Questions? Comments? chris@stayloose.net

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Oogee Wawa Album Release Party


Oogee Wawa debuted their sophomore album More Sand Than Money April 3 at Nappers in Smithtown. The official release date for the album is April 28th – but advanced copies were available at the show, and I’ve had it on rotation all month. Pre-Order it on iTunes – the album is tight.

Four other acts joined Oogee to help celebrate the new album release, and Stay Loose and Fathom had tables set up. I snapped a bunch of pics as usual – here they are in order of appearance:

Melanie Morin


Check out Melanie on Facebook. You can view all of her photos from the show on the Stay Loose Flickr page.


Offshore Regulars






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Jungle Gypsy





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Nonstop to Cairo





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FAME made a guest appearance during the Nonstop set to spit a little freestyle – check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. View the rest of FAME’s pics on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Oogee Wawa





Check out Oogee Wawa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pick up More Sand Than Money on iTunes. View the rest of their pics from the night on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

The crowd was great all night – happy to see the community supporting the local scene.




Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Stay Loose table



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Night Out with Nonstop to Cairo

I met up with the guys from Nonstop to Cairo in Huntington Village for a few beers at Nags Head on a cold-ass night in February.


I shot the first bunch of photos for the new-look Nonstop who are welcoming Alex Turner replacing Dave Bartlett on drums.


You can check out the new lineup live Friday, February 27th at the Nonstop Keg Party.



To view all the photos from the shoot, visit the Stay Loose Flickr page.


Thanks for reading – hope to see you at the Nonstop Keg Party! #stayloose

– Chris

10 Songs You Should Hear


Here are 10 songs out of Long Island over the last couple years you need to listen to (in no particular order):

1. The Montauk Project: Wingman Anthem

The Montauk Project is a classic hard rock band that has emerged as one of LI’s best with the release of their debut album Belly of the Beast earlier this year. Members Mark Schiavoni (Vox/Guitar), Jasper Conroy (Drums/Vox), Chris Wood (Bass) and Jack Marshall (Lead Guitar/Vox) along with producer Matthew King recorded the album at their home studio after 3 years of gigging between Montauk and Manhattan. The album is complete from start to finish packed with grungy guitar licks, heavy drums and a whole bunch of swag. I could have picked any song on this album to hightlight really (notably “Water Glisten”, a super chill psychedelic track and “Lady In White” with heavy dueling guitar riffs). But I chose “Wingman Anthem” because it’s featured on James Katsipis’ short video “East” and I fell in love with the song and the video.

2. Electrik Tongues: Through and Through


The Electrik Tongues are a brand new rock and roll outfit out of Elmont formed in the back end of 2013. Band members Mike Mulieri (Vox/Guitar), Will Harris (Bass), Dan Fohrs (Guitar/Vox) and Matt Olley (Drums) hit the ground running, releasing 5 original tracks since their formation, 4 of which you can hear on Reverbnation. Their first two releases “Shake Your Head Out” and “Fight” introduced the scene to their raw punk sound reminiscent of The Clash, paired with an energized live show – but it’s their new release “Through and Through” that seals the deal for me – these guys know how to write infectious, emotionally charged songs that you need to listen to over and over.

3. TK the Architect: Thelonius Monk

TK is a young Japanese/Italian rapper coming up from of Oceanside. He recently released his full length debut mixtape Life in Stereo over a collection of some seriously creative beats produced by Snottaynose. The mixtape is packed with TK’s layed back, but cogent flow – stand out tracks include “Passing on the Torch” and “Round Here” but the tape’s opening track Thelonius Monk is a standout. Check out the video here.

4. Ant Matos: Wicked Rubbish


Loose Camp’s Ant Matos comes out of Wantagh and dropped his debut full length mix tape “Keep Campin'” in late 2013. He’s been promoting it hard with shows across Long Island and Manhattan along with some serious music videos including his newest video for “Love Goes” produced by Abstrakt Pictures. The mixtape was produced by Petey Force – stand out tracks include the tape’s opening song “No Filter”, “Hold My Nuts” and “Wicked Rubbish”, which is a 3+ minute track with no chorus, just Ant speaking his mind through the most ferocious flow on the album.

5. Taking Back Sunday: Flicker, Fade

These guys need no introduction. Since forming in Amityville in 1999, they have gone on to sell millions of albums as they continue to evolve their sound. Earlier this year the lineup of Adam Lazzara (Vox), Eddie Reyes (Guitar), John Nolan (Guitar/Vox), Mark O’Connell (Drums) and Shaun Cooper (Bass) released their sixth studio album Happiness Is. The album delivers what we’ve come to expect from this group – it’s an excellent effort with standout tracks including “All the Way”, “They Don’t Have Any Friends” and the album’s opening song “Flicker, Fade”.

6. Rye Palmer: Forever Ever


Rye is a promising up and comer out of Baldwin, with just a handful of songs up on Soundcloud and a few live performances under his belt, he’s already gaining some attention. He’ll be releasing a new song with us at Stay Loose Records in the coming months along with a music video, so stay tuned for that. For now you should give “Coping” a listen, a tribute to Rye’s father who recently passed away from cancer. On his most recent effort “Forever Ever” you’ll hear a young rapper really starting to come into his own – keep an eye on this one.

7. Whiskey Hotel: Krazy That Was Kahn


The guys from Whiskey Hotel dropped their debut EP Above the Fold at the beginning of the year. The effort has just the right balance of Hard-Rock and Hardcore: John Von Braunsberg (Guitar/Vox) deals out some tight, heavy-driven riffs behind frontman Shawn O’Connor’s (Vox) blazing vocals and the duo’s stage presence and chemistry is excellent. Out of Lindenhurst, he rest of the line-up includes Michael Vaillancourt (Guitar), Thomas Martins (Bass) and George Feis (Drums) – this is an act you should definitely catch live. The EP is nice, but the stand out song for sure is “Krazy That Was Kahn”.

8. Oogee Wawa: We Don’t Care


Oogee Wawa has been a fixture on the Long Island music scene for years – playing 200+ shows a year across the Island and nationally. Members Jesse Lee (MC), JP Aceto (Guitar/Vox), Chad Chadwick (Bass) and Nick Liodice (Drums/Vox) recorded their debut album Ride Waves at their studio in Ronkonkoma in 2012. One of the most infectious songs on the album is “We Don’t Care”, a pure party anthem any crowd they play in front of can’t resist singing along to.

9. Jake Furia: Access to Ecstasy


Jake Furia is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Selden. He released his debut The Acoustic EP in 2013 and is currently working on his first full length studio album with backing band “The Be Yourselves”, Russell Miller (Drums), Tameem Shaker (Lead Guitar) and Derek Macmahon (Bass). Jake recorded his latest single “Access to Ecstasy” with Stay Loose Records for which we also shot and released a music video.

10. Nonstop to Cairo: Rooted


Nonstop to Cairo originally started as a hard rock trio with Nick Diamond (Vox, Guitar), Matt Ezzo (Bass) and Dave Bartlett (Drums) and has since grown into a six-piece Ska/Funk/Hip-Hop outfit with the additions of August Harris (Vox), Haja Rama (Trumpet) and Andrew Hagerty (Trombone). The guys from Baldwin released their self titled EP in 2012 and have opened up for the likes of The Wailers, The Dirty Heads and Matisyahu. Their EP is full of energetic compositions – standouts include the albums opening track “We Be” and “Rooted” which they released a video for in October of 2013.

Thanks for reading, #stayloose

– Chris

Beerfields Music Festival Recap

photo by Samantha Schendlinger

The 3rd Annual Beerfields Music Festival included some great local acts like Warden and FAME, Nonstop to Cairo and Oogee Wawa – as well as national acts Ballyhoo and Matisyahu. Local craft breweries kept the beer flowing like beer, and there were over 20 local merch vendors as well, including Stay Loose. This years Beerfields was probably the best event I’ve been to – it’s a tribute to the improving state of the Long Island music scene and we are proud to be a part of it.

Special thanks to Samantha Schendlinger for helping us cover the event this year – she took a whole bunch of awesome photos, some of which you’ll see below.

08_SamSamantha Schendlinger | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

Here’s a photo recap of the day:

Nick Diamond, Nonstop to Cairo | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

03_August-HarrisAugust Harris, Nonstop to Cairo | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

Matt Ezzo, Nonstop to Cairo | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

06_Jesse-LeeJesse Lee, Oogee Wawa | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

07_ChadChad Chadwick, Oogee Wawa | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

05_JPJP Aceto, Oogee Wawa | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

19_BallyhooHowi Spangler, Ballyhoo | Photo by Chris Hoenigmann

18_MatisyahuMatisyahu | Photo by Samantha Schendlinger

We had a great response and a ton of support at the festival – there was a buzz around the table all day, thanks to everyone who stopped by and hung out with us:

Fresh Stay Loose Snapbacks | Photo by Samantha Schendlinger

16_SamPhoto by Chris Hoenigmann

09_TablePhoto by Samantha Schendlinger

10_chris-and-ezzoMatt Ezzo from Nonstop to Cairo stopping by the table | Photo by Samantha Schendlinger

Stay Loose was mentioned in the LIB Magazine recap of Beerfields – it was great to see so many of our tees and hats all around the festival:


15_TablePhoto by Samantha Schendlinger

13_TablePhoto by Samantha Schendlinger

14_StickerPhoto by Samantha Schendlinger

Thanks for reading and checking out our photos – can’t wait till next year!

You can check out all of our pics from the day at the Stay Loose Flickr page. Visit stayloose.net to check out our tees, hats and tanks.


– Chris

Nonstop Keg Party Photo Recap

Nonstop to Cairo threw another awesome :Party this past Saturday – Here are some of my pics from the night:


The show opened with Whiskey Hotel. I had never seen or heard of these guys before, but I’m glad I got a chance to – they’re f**kin’ awesome. They’ve got 3 songs up on their Facebook page, one of which you can download free – and their first full length album Above the Fold releases January 16th. Go check ’em out.


Next up was Jake Furia – I picked up his Acoustic EP a little while back, worth checking out. He played with a full band on Saturday:


The Warden and FAME were pretty awesome as usual with FAME doin’ his thing on the mic:


Oogee Wawa brought out members of Nonstop to Cairo and Loose Camp during their set – JP from Oogee debuted the new Stay Loose 631 Area Code Tee…


…and August from Nonstop to Cairo debuted the new Stay Loose 516 Area Code Tee.


Matt Ezzo – Nonstop to Cairo bassist and Nonstop Keg :Party organizer. Nonstop put on an awesome show and a pretty bad-ass night altogether. If you haven’t listened to Nonstop before, check them out on YouTube and iTunes


When you love what you do:



Chad showin’ Stay Loose love all over the bass.


Ant Matos making a guest appearance:


Oogee was a blast on stage, as usual. They’re working on their 2nd full studio album at the moment:






For more info on the Stay Loose Long Island Area Code Tees and the rest of the upcoming 2014 Stay Loose Spring Summer Collection, visit stayloose.net for updates.


Thanks for checking these out – if you want to see even more, I have all of my photos up from the night on Flickr.

Feel free to share and use these however you’d like – just appreciate a credit and let me know how you use it so I can check it out too!

Be good, #stayloose

– Chris Hoenigmann

Nonstop to Cairo Limited Edition Stay Loose Skatedeck


I announced this collaboration with Nonstop to Cairo last month and I’m really excited to show off the finished product. You can see the original sketch in last month’s blog post (New Collaboration with Nonstop to Cairo).

After speaking with the guys, we decided to print a limited edition skatedeck with the new design – here are some snapshots of the print process:

Day 1: I started by adhering laser prints of the design to blank decks using Gel Medium. Once the designs are in place, they need to sit 8-10 hours.


Day 2:  After letting the gel set overnight, I wet the paper and start to peel it off of the deck. While the paper comes off, the ink sticks to the gel and stays on the board. Once all the paper is removed, I seal the design with Mod Podge and it’s ready to go.


And here’s the final result:


Decks on sale now at stayloose.net

Thanks for reading, stay loose everybody.

– Chris


New Collaboration with Nonstop to Cairo


I’m really excited to announce another upcoming collaboration with a local LI band – Non Stop to Cairo. I met these guys over the Summer and have gotten to see them play a couple times since. Their energy and presence is contagious and I’ve wanted to get together with them on something. Here’s a look at the sketch/concept we’re moving forward with:

NSTC Sketch

No plans set in stone yet, but the design will possibly be going on a limited edition skatedeck. I will post more as I progress – for now, check out Nonstop’s video for their latest single “Rooted”:

– Chris