Stay Loose Skulls Poster

I’m gonna be gifting a Stay Loose Skull poster with every Snapback order this Holiday Season, along with a free Stay Loose T-Shirt from the archives01_Poster6

I started working on this project a couple months ago – wasn’t sure where I was going with it originally, I just wanted to start drawing more. So I set aside 15-30mins every day to sketch, and almost every session I ended up drawing a skull in some form or another.

When I started creating the vector artwork in Illustrator, I had all of skulls laid out on one artboard and I really liked how they kind of fit together like a puzzle. So I decided to lay out an 11x17in poster of fourteen of my favorites and above is the result.

I’ve also been playing around with printing each illustration on it’s own in smaller 6x6in sizes – I’ve been posting those layouts to Instagram and Twitter. I’ll probably drop one or two of these in with each Snapback order as well.


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The Stay Loose T-Shirt Archives

I printed the first Stay Loose t-shirt in September of 2012 – I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years already. Since then, I’ve released a new collection each Spring and landed my latest collection in the retail store Lomans in Babylon Village.

At the end of each year, I always have some leftover stock that I archive in my studio – so this holiday season I’m gifting a random t-shirt from the archives with every Stay Loose Snapback order. Here’s a look at some of my favorites:

First Edition Stay Loose Badge White &
Stay Loose SS Skull Heather Charcoal
2012 Fall Winter Collection
Released October 201201_First-Ed-Skull

All Good Robot Red and Grey
2013 Spring Summer Collection
Released March 201309_Robot

Stay Humble Baby and Tahiti
2013 Spring Summer Collection
Released March 201307_Stay-Humble

Beast Mode Heavy Metal and Indigo
2013 Spring Summer Collection
Released March 201308_Beast-Mode

Long Island Area Code Tees
2014 Spring Summer Collection
Released April 201410_516-631

Second Edition Badge Tees
2014 Spring Summer Collection
Released April 201411_Badge2

Second Edition Signature Tees
2015 Spring Summer Collection
Released May 201512_Signature

So, grab a snapback at the Stay Loose Shop, and I’ll gift you one of the shirts above along with the order (we’ll get your shirt size via email). Plus, you’ll get the new Stay Loose Skulls Poster free as well.

Happy Holiday Season everyone – and thank you for your continued support.


Time King X Peru Co-Album Release Party

00_TimeKingTime King (Shayne Plunkett, James Meslin, Matthew Nazario, Brandon Dove, Kalvin Rodriguez)

Two up-and-coming LI bands got together to co-headline an awesome album release show Friday September 4 at Revolution in Amityville. Time King releasing their debut full length album Suprœ, and Peru releasing their debut EP Ordinary People. I dropped by to grab a couple beers, check out the bands and snap some pics.

Little Alien and Allies opened up the show – unfortunately I didn’t get to catch Little Alien.



Allies are a four-piece alternative rock group out of Nassau County – they released their debut EP The Lobby in November of last year. I just picked up the album and I’m slightly obsessed with the track “Extremities”. These guys are a blast live too:



Follow Allies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and grab their EP The Lobby – you can also check out all of my shots from their set on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Time King


These are the dudes I came to see – Time King is tight. They’re a five-piece rock/prog band from LI and their new album Suprœ is the best album I’ve heard out of anywhere in a long time.  To get a taste of their live sound, visit and watch their Live Sessions of “The New” and “Take Cover”. Here are a couple shots from their set:



Do yourself a favor and download Suprœ right now and follow Time King on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You’re welcome.

Check out the rest of my shots from Time King’s set on the Stay Loose Flickr page.


Peru is a three-man soul-infused indie group out of LI – like Time King, they’re celebrating the release of a new album (Ordinary People) and they’ve got a pretty sweet Live Sessions video for the song Forever up on their site also. I’m really glad I got the chance to check these guys out:



You can listen to their EP on Spotify – follow Peru on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and you can check out the rest of my shots from their set on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

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10 Songs You Should Hear Part IV


Stay Loose is proud to present: 10 Songs Out Of Long Island You Should Hear Part IV. You can find links to Parts I-III on – without further ado, here are the 10 (+1 bonus) songs in no particular order:

1. Colorful Kid: All Ways


One of my favorite new bands is Colorful Kid, a five man Rock group from LI. The guys released their self-titled debut EP this past January and are currently working on a full-length album. I got a chance to see them play Amityville Music Hall earlier this month – they’ve got a raw, authentic sound that translates perfectly into their live show. The EP is a consistent, solid effort front to back – my favorite track is All Ways.

2. Charlie Fields: Jab Step


The LI rap clique Loose Camp dropped a new project earlier this Summer called Loose Camp Supreme 2015. The main contributors – Ant Matos, Marlo DeMore and Charlie Fields – put together a 14 track mixtape featuring collabs with Lock the Tree Mason, Reek da Villian and August Harris from Nonstop to Cairo.  Two of my favorite tracks from the tape both feature Fields: Poe Up My Cup (a collab with Ant Matos) and Jab Step, which you should check out below.

3. We Take Fire: Jane


We Take Fire is a six piece Indie Rock band out of Lake Grove. They’re a young group, but have already been together for four years and just released their second EP Movies Where The Dog Dies in July of this year. I was super impressed with their live show and I’ve had their EP on rotation in the studio since they released it. My favorite track is called Jane – listen below, and you can also check out their live acoustic performance of it on Somewhere Sessions.

4. See: Waiting For You


See is a promising young singer/songwriter out of Centerport – she started writing her own music at age 15 and released her first EP The Time Thief in 2014 at age 19. The EPs single and standout track is a mellow, warm acoustic song called Waiting For You. It instantly puts me into a better mood, looking forward to hearing more from See! (+ check out the music video here).

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5. White Line Tiger: Rosa

White Line Tiger is a five piece post-hardcore band out of Elmont. They dropped their debut album Just Let It Happen back in 2012 – I just came across them recently and I’m really glad I did, this album has some seriously nice tracks – absolutely worth a listen front to back. I haven’t got a chance to see them play live yet, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for upcoming shows. My favorite track from the album is the opener, Rosa.

6. Nonstop to Cairo: Up the Tempo


The homies from Nonstop to Cairo dropped a small sample of the new material they’ve been working on with the release of the music video for Up the Tempo in July. Go give the video a view (shout out to Matt Ezzo for reppin’ that Stay Loose snapback) and stay tuned for more info on Nonstop’s new album release.

7. The Tallest Trees in the Universe: Numbered

The Tallest Trees in the Universe are an alt-rock band from Long Island – they released their debut EP Visitor in June of this year. I’m really enjoying this EP at the moment – a collection of six really solid tracks. My favorite track is Numbered – the build up to the chorus is insanely awesome (reminds me a little bit of another band out of LI you may have heard of: Taking Back Sunday) – give it a listen:

8. Glassjaw: Tip Your Bartender


Post-Hardcore legends Glassjaw showed up to Amityville Music Hall this month and dropped a surprise 30min set. I’m still not sure how it was announced (I was there to see two other local bands) but word got out somehow: there was a line down the street and barley and room to stand in the small venue. Formed in 1994, these guys helped pioneer the post-hardcore movement and are one of the best bands ever to come out of LI. In honor of their recent pop-up show at AMH, here’s Tip Your Bartended from their 2002 album Worship and Tribute.

9. LifeStat: Take It Easy

LifeStat is a hip-hop artist out of LI. He just released a new album called Significant in April of this year. The album drops Stat’s smooth, vibrant flow over mellow, vibey beats – it creates a really chill sound and cohesive album front to back. One of my favorite hip-hop albums in a while – and my favorite track from the album is called Take It Easy.

10. The Offshore Regulars: Ain’t No Wifey


These guys made 10SYSH Part III back in May with their song Maria off the debut album The New Guy – then they went and dropped a brand new EP called Heathens a month later, and the EP is so dope, I had to give them another feature in Part IV. Ain’t No Wifey is my jam.

Bonus. Shinobi Ninja: One Time for the Radio


10 songs weren’t enough for this edition – had to show some love to a band out of neighboring Brooklyn: Shinobi Ninja. I had a chance to check them out at Beerfields back in June and picked up their most recent album Escape From New York shortly after. They’re such a unique blend of music – a diverse group of personalities working together creating this super interesting result. I especially love the visual they achieve with their music video for the single Doom Gloom. My favorite track on the album though is One Time for the Radio. How could you not love that guitar riff?

That’s it for this edition, thanks for giving it a read. Questions? Comments?

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Secret Glassjaw Show at Amityville Music Hall


Amityville Music Hall was packed out Friday 8/7 – local post-hardcore legends Glassjaw put on a surprise 30 minute performance to open up a Rozwell Kid show. I’m still not sure how it was announced (I was there to see two other local bands We Take Fire and Colorful Kid) but word got out somehow: there was a line down the street and barely any room to stand in the small venue. I squeezed to the front of the stage and got some pretty sweet shots from the set:






Check out the rest of my shots from the Glassjaw set at the Stay Loose Flickr page. Like I mentioned, I actually went to the show that night to check out to up-and-coming bands I’ve been following – here are some shots from those sets:

We Take Fire

We Take Fire is a six piece Indie Rock group out of Lake Grove – they released their second EP Movies Where The Dog Dies in July of this year.



Check out the rest of my shots from the We Take Fire set at the Stay Loose Flickr page. And look out for these guys on Part IV of 10 Songs Out of Long Island You Should Hear.

Colorful Kid

Colorful Kid is a five man Rock group from LI and one of my favorite new bands. They released their self-titled debut EP this past January.




Check out the rest of my shots from the Colorful Kid set at the Stay Loose Flickr page. And look out for these guys on Part IV of 10 Songs Out of Long Island You Should Hear.

Thanks for reading #stayloose

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Shinobi Ninja Live at Beerfields

We had a super busy day at the Stay Loose table at this years Beerfields – I didn’t get a chance to check out as many bands as I wanted, but luckily I got to see Shinobi Ninja play the main stage earlier in the day. Aside from having one of the coolest band names I’ve ever heard, they’re one of the most unique and intriguing bands I’ve seen play live.

The six piece band identifies themselves as “Rock Hood” – Front-Duo Duke Sims and Baby G bring a hip-hop vibe and it’s mixed with hard-rock head-banging guitarist “Maniac” Mike and bassist “Alien” Lex. DJ Axis Powers and “Terminator” Dave on drums round out this eclectic, fun, loud, energetic… (you get the idea) band out of Brooklyn. They’re playing shows up and down the east coast this summer – visit for more info.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their set:

01_Stay-Loose-Shinobi-Ninja“Maniac” Mike, Guitar

02b_Stay-Loose-Shinobi-NinjaDuke Sims, Vocals

03b_Stay-Loose-Shinobi-NinjaBaby G, Vocals

You can check out all of my shots from their set on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Don’t forget, the new Stay Loose Summer Collection is now available at Lo-Man’s in Babylon Village, and online at

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Interview with Quiet Storm


Quiet Storm is a hip-hop artist out of Suffolk County. He dropped his debut album Bad Decisions in 2013 and his song 24 made our list of 10 Songs You Should Hear Part II. Storm is currently working on his sophomore album called Good Intentions which he plans to release this Summer (no specific date yet) but he promises it’ll be his best work yet, adding:

“We’ll record five or six songs and we might keep one for the project…trying to make sure everything is perfect.”

We’ll stay tuned on that and keep you posted on a possible release date. Check out our interview with him below: (click here to watch in HD)

I recently partnered up with QS to work on some new apparel design as well. Here are some of the concepts we came up with – should be available sometime this year:





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10 Songs You Should Hear – Part III


Here it is: the third installment of 10 Songs Out of Long Island You Should Hear (In no particular order).

1. Bohemians: Colony


I’ve interviewed and written about this up-an-coming alt-pop group from Manorville a bunch this year – their debut album Settle Down, Carry On has been on rotation in my studio since I first heard about them back in January. Frontman Luke Lotardo (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards), Eric Milton (Keyboards/Guitar), Eric Pubins (Drums) and Perry Ladouceur (Bass) put together a seriously intriguing album – my favorite track: Colony.

2. Marlo DeMore: Angels and Minotaurs

Marlo is a rapper out of Wantaugh – he dropped his mixtape Still Dreaming in 2013 with a sound reminiscent of rap’s glory days in New York. The album is worth a listen front to back, but my favorite track is the single Angels and Minotaurs – take a listen and you can also check out the video here.

3. The Offshore Regulars: Maria


The Offshore Regulars are a four piece Rock/Reggae band out of West Islip. They’re currently working on a new EP called Heathens which they’ll be releasing sometime next month. Singer Brendan O’Hara, Guitarist Andrew Culmo, Bassist Jon Eiseman and Drummer Bobby VanNostrand released their debut album The New Guy in 2013 – my favorite track from the album is Maria.

4. Oogee Wawa (ft Joey Harkum): Pack the Van


A staple on the Long Island music scene, Oogee Wawa has been setting the standard with their brand of Reggae/Hip-Hop. The guys released their sophomore album More Sand Than Money at a huge party at Nappers in Smithtown last month, and the album does not disappoint. So many great tracks, but my personal favorite is Pack the Van.

5. Gutterlife: Complacent

Gutterlife is a four man alt-punk band out of East Islip. The group released their second EP Don’t Sleep in February of this year. Don’t Sleep is a follow up to their debut release Violent Discord, which came out in March of 2014. Both albums are worth a listen, but my favorite track off the new EP is Complacent. Check out the video too.


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6. Go Big: Answer My Call


Go Big is a suitable name for this group out of Lindenhurst: they’re a big band (8 members) who play a lot of instruments (front-man Jason Rutcofsky plays 5 for example), and the result is a big sound. They released their debut album The Story From Our Side in March of 2014 and you’ve got to listen to Jessica Rutcofsky blow the roof off with a big vocal performance on my personal favorite from the album: Answer My Call.

7. TK The Architect: Passing On The Torch/Name of Progress


My dude TK out of Oceanside released a two-part music video back in February for songs Passing On The Torch and Name of Progress both off of his mixtape Life In Stereo. The videos came out so well: adding to the concepts and tying together a story between the two songs, I had to share them here. Listen to Passing On The Torch below, and definitely check out the videos for both songs in the links above.

8. Sir Cadian Rhythm: Villain Fear

Sir Cadian Rhythm is a 5 piece alternative band out of LI. Jack Weppler (Vox), Alex Laudani (Guitar), Richie Cluxton (Bass), Keith Miller (Drums) and Marr Carlin (Keyboards) released their debut self-titled EP in February of this year. They’ve got a really cool, unique blend of music – at times they remind me of Incubus, others it’s more Maroon 5. That’s before they break out the horns though, and turn up the bass and infuse some funk and jazz into their sound. It’s a totally cool EP – my favorite song incidentally is the final track on the EP, which is a stripped down, mellow track called Villain Fear.

9. Ant Matos: Me Myself & I


My dude Ant Matos has been putting in work this year, releasing tracks with Lock the Tree Mason and Reek Da Villian while working on the upcoming mixtape Loose Camp Supreme 2015. He dropped a freestyle on his Soundcloud a couple months ago called Me Myself & I – listen.

10. Adiron: Whiskey Hostel


Shawn O’Connor joined post-hardcore band Adiron shortly after Whiskey Hotel disbanded late last year. The band is based out of Lindenhurst and released an 8-track EP called Frequency & Pressure last month. My standout track is Whiskey Hostel.

Think your song needs to be on this list? Email – I’m always on the lookout for new local music to listen to and share.

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2015 Stay Loose Spring/Summer Collection Coming Soon


The Stay Loose 2015 Spring/Summer Collection is just about ready for launch. We’ve got six new tee styles, a new tank and a new snapback dropping later this month. We’ll also be re-stocking our Heather Grey and Dark Grey snapbacks.

The collection is currently available exclusively at Lo-Man’s in downtown Babylon Village, so you can drop in there anytime to pick up our new tees, tanks and snapbacks before they’re available online.


We’re re-designing the Stay Loose Shop as well, so there will be a new look when the collection is released. In the meantime, you can grab what’s left at at discounted prices.


Thank you Long Island for always supporting this local independent brand. Stay tuned for more.

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Oogee Wawa Album Release Party


Oogee Wawa debuted their sophomore album More Sand Than Money April 3 at Nappers in Smithtown. The official release date for the album is April 28th – but advanced copies were available at the show, and I’ve had it on rotation all month. Pre-Order it on iTunes – the album is tight.

Four other acts joined Oogee to help celebrate the new album release, and Stay Loose and Fathom had tables set up. I snapped a bunch of pics as usual – here they are in order of appearance:

Melanie Morin


Check out Melanie on Facebook. You can view all of her photos from the show on the Stay Loose Flickr page.


Offshore Regulars






Follow Offshore Regulars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – you can check out the rest of pics from the show on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Jungle Gypsy





Follow Jungle Gypsy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and view the rest of their pics from the night on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Nonstop to Cairo





Follow Nonstop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can view the rest of their pics on the Stay Loose Flickr page.


FAME made a guest appearance during the Nonstop set to spit a little freestyle – check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. View the rest of FAME’s pics on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Oogee Wawa





Check out Oogee Wawa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pick up More Sand Than Money on iTunes. View the rest of their pics from the night on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

The crowd was great all night – happy to see the community supporting the local scene.




Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Stay Loose table



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