Long Island Six Pack

Long-Island-Six-Pack2I’ll start this off by saying I’m not a beer connoisseur and I have no idea what I’m talking about. This entire post was written under the influence of alcohol and I enjoyed every second of it.

So here we go—in no particular order aside from the order I drank them in—here are six beers out of Long Island you should try:

1. Port Jeff Party Boat IPA

Let’s get this party started with Port Jeff Brewing Co‘s Party Boat IPA. I’m not typically an IPA guy—and I’ll only have 1 or 2 of them if I do. This is one that I really like though—I can’t put my finger on what makes me like one IPA and not like another—Port Jeff’s is super hoppy and bitter like you’d expect, but it’s still refreshing and doesn’t have a bad aftertaste, which I find a lot of IPA’s do. So there you go, I guess there’s one reason why I like Party Boat vs. other IPAs. And it’s got a 7.7% ABV—that’s cool w/ me.PortJeffIPAABV: 7.7%
Tasting Notes: Big malty backbone up front, stands up to the aggressive American piney citrusy hop finish. 10 different kinds of hops.
Availability: Year Around

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2. Fire Island Lighthouse Ale

Next up is Lighthouse Ale from Fire Island Beer Co. Man I love this beer—it’s just flat out what I want a beer to be, it’s super easy to drink, has a lot of taste, great color and a respectable 5.2% ABV. An ice cold six-er of these on a hot Summer day = what dreams are made of.FireIslandLighthouse
ABV: 5.2%
Tasting Notes: Soft carbonation, a light caramel finish and a toasty round body make Lighthouse Ale a beer that’s easygoing and flavorful: the kind of beer you want to have a beer with.
Availability: Year Around

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3. Blue Point Blueberry Ale

For my third beer, I’m going with Blue Point Blueberry Ale—I’ve been drinking this stuff on tap for a long time, it’s my go-to whenever I’m at Revolution checking out a band. This beer smells amazing—it’s light and has a really nice, subtle Blueberry taste. Me likey.BluePointBlueberryABV: 4.5%
Tasting Notes: A crisp golden ale with just a hint of blueberry flavor and a mild hops finish. Not your typical fruit-forward beer, Blueberry Ale unleashes a lively berry aroma that gives way to a well-balanced session ale that is refreshing year round.
Availability: Year Around

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4. Greenport Leaf Pile Ale

Moving on: Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.‘s Leaf Pile Ale. This gem is only available in the Fall so I hoarded some in my fridge to hold me over. I know there are a lot of Pumpkin Spice beer haters out there—I’m not one of them—but even if you are, I’d tell you to try this one before you judge. Leaf Pile doesn’t over do it with Pumpkin flavor,  it’s really balanced with some interesting notes. Plus Greenport’s label designs are always so awesome.GreenportLeafPileABV: 5.2%
Tasting Notes: An autumn ale which brings you a slice of pumpkin pie in a glass. Fresh whole ginger, cinnamon, all spice, and nutmeg gives this ale its distinct character.
Availability: Seasonal

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5. Great South Bay Blood Orange

GSB‘s Blood Orange Pale Ale is a Long Island classic. Probably the one beer I would tell someone visiting they needed to try—it is so original and creative. You’ll look really cool drinking it, which you can see by the photo in the middle below. GSB’s got great distribution around LI so you can probably find it anywhere around you that sells beer—so go pick some up.GSBBloodOrangeABV: 5.0%
Tasting Notes: Blood Orange Pale Ale starts with the finest quality malted barley and American hops. It’s then infused with blood oranges to add the bittersweet flavor that rounds out this remarkably well balanced pale ale.

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6. Montauk Hop Blonde Ale

Last but definitely not least is Montauk Brewing Co‘s Hop Blonde Ale. This might be the one beer I’d take with me if I were stranded on a deserted island. *At this point I should note that I’m a little tipsy* but it’s not just the alcohol talking—I’ve had this beer on many occasions and it’s been one of my favorites for a while—as is just about anything the guys at Montauk put out. They’re starting to get some good distribution around the Island as well, so go find some!MontaukHopBlondeABV: 5.0%
Tasting Notes: A crisp hop finish sets this blonde ale apart from the rest. This is a balanced beer with light straw color and smooth flavor.
Availability: Seasonal (Sept – Dec)

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Well, that’ll do it—I need a nap. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for continuing to support Stay Loose. I hope you’ll support our local breweries and look for one of the beers above next time your out shopping for alcohol, they won’t disappoint.

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PS: Have a local beer you think should be on this list? Email me at chris@stayloose.net and let me know!