Stay Loose Skatedeck Archives

I started hand-printing skatedecks in 2012 using a gel medium print-transfer technique I came up with. I printed six different designs that year and printed five more designs in 2013.

I started looking back through my archives and decided to re-share some of the old work – here are those first decks from 2012:

skatedecks_ed1_01 skatedecks_ed1_02 skatedecks_ed1_03

The next year, in 2013, I designed and printed a new set of decks to go along with the Spring Summer Collection. I just restocked some of these at the Stay Loose Shop – they’ll be available for a limited time.

Click on any of the images below to buy:

skatedecks-ed2_01 skatedecks-ed2_02 skatedecks-ed2_03 skatedecks-ed2_04

Since then, I’ve designed and printed some decks for the band Nonstop to Cairo, but haven’t done anything for Stay Loose in a while. I’m currently designing the 2016 Spring Summer Stay Loose Collection and I’m thinking of printing some limited edition decks to go along with it – more on that to come.

For a limited time, some of the decks above will be on sale at the Stay Loose shop – pick one up!

Thanks for checking this out,

– Chris