Stay Loose Skulls Poster

I’m gonna be gifting a Stay Loose Skull poster with every Snapback order this Holiday Season, along with a free Stay Loose T-Shirt from the archives01_Poster6

I started working on this project a couple months ago – wasn’t sure where I was going with it originally, I just wanted to start drawing more. So I set aside 15-30mins every day to sketch, and almost every session I ended up drawing a skull in some form or another.

When I started creating the vector artwork in Illustrator, I had all of skulls laid out on one artboard and I really liked how they kind of fit together like a puzzle. So I decided to lay out an 11x17in poster of fourteen of my favorites and above is the result.

I’ve also been playing around with printing each illustration on it’s own in smaller 6x6in sizes – I’ve been posting those layouts to Instagram and Twitter. I’ll probably drop one or two of these in with each Snapback order as well.


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