Shinobi Ninja Live at Beerfields

We had a super busy day at the Stay Loose table at this years Beerfields – I didn’t get a chance to check out as many bands as I wanted, but luckily I got to see Shinobi Ninja play the main stage earlier in the day. Aside from having one of the coolest band names I’ve ever heard, they’re one of the most unique and intriguing bands I’ve seen play live.

The six piece band identifies themselves as “Rock Hood” – Front-Duo Duke Sims and Baby G bring a hip-hop vibe and it’s mixed with hard-rock head-banging guitarist “Maniac” Mike and bassist “Alien” Lex. DJ Axis Powers and “Terminator” Dave on drums round out this eclectic, fun, loud, energetic… (you get the idea) band out of Brooklyn. They’re playing shows up and down the east coast this summer – visit for more info.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their set:

01_Stay-Loose-Shinobi-Ninja“Maniac” Mike, Guitar

02b_Stay-Loose-Shinobi-NinjaDuke Sims, Vocals

03b_Stay-Loose-Shinobi-NinjaBaby G, Vocals

You can check out all of my shots from their set on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Don’t forget, the new Stay Loose Summer Collection is now available at Lo-Man’s in Babylon Village, and online at

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– Chris