Oogee Wawa Album Release Party


Oogee Wawa debuted their sophomore album More Sand Than Money April 3 at Nappers in Smithtown. The official release date for the album is April 28th – but advanced copies were available at the show, and I’ve had it on rotation all month. Pre-Order it on iTunes – the album is tight.

Four other acts joined Oogee to help celebrate the new album release, and Stay Loose and Fathom had tables set up. I snapped a bunch of pics as usual – here they are in order of appearance:

Melanie Morin


Check out Melanie on Facebook. You can view all of her photos from the show on the Stay Loose Flickr page.


Offshore Regulars






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Jungle Gypsy





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Nonstop to Cairo





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FAME made a guest appearance during the Nonstop set to spit a little freestyle – check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. View the rest of FAME’s pics on the Stay Loose Flickr page.

Oogee Wawa





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The crowd was great all night – happy to see the community supporting the local scene.




Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Stay Loose table



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Interview with Bohemians

We sat down with alt-pop band Bohemians back in February to talk music, their new album Settle Down, Carry On and plans for 2015.


Bohemians are an alt-pop band out of Manorville – they dropped their debut album Settle Down, Carry On in January and released a music video for the single Hints. We spoke with the guys about their experience in making an album, how they got together and what they’re going to be up to this coming year.

Click here to watch in HD

Since the interview, the guys opened up for Magic at the Paramount in Huntington – unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to catch the show, but I’ll be looking to check them out live soon. Visit stayloose.net for more updates and you can follow Bohemians on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

And be sure to check out the Stay Loose Flickr page for more shots from the interview.


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Nonstop Keg Party

Nonstop to Cairo hosts this event twice a year and it’s starting to gain a lot of traction. Friday, February 27, 2015 was the fourth bi-annual Nonstop Party and it was probably the best attended to date. Hundreds of people packed out Revolution in Amityville to check out seven LI up-and-comers.


The diverse line-up included acts crossing various genres: from hip-hop to hardcore to reggae to ska to punk to progressive. It was the type of night that made me proud to be from LI and to be a part of it’s music scene. Here are some of my shots of the bands in order of appearance:

Dr. Baby


Kicking the night off was Dr. Baby. The former members of Code Anchor and Lost Kingdoms describe themselves as “Hard-Rock/Punk/Metal/Comedy/Prog/Noise Pop”. They impressed the shit out of everyone.


Bill Burns, Bass/Vox (above)


Terry Edelman, Guitar/Vox (above)


Dan Keller, Guitar/Vox (above) and Pete Scarlata rounds out the line-up on Drums/Vox.



When Whiskey Hotel disbanded late last year, frontman Shawn O’Connor (above) joined up with the punk-hardcore group Adiron.


The band has recorded seven songs since Shawn came on board which they plan to release this Spring.


02_adiron_04 02_adiron_05

Go Big


Go Big, led by Jason Rutcofsky (above), is a punk rock and roll band with a big sound. They released their debut album The Story From Our Side in 2014.


The highlight of their set was Jessica Rutcofsky (above) belting out their song “Answer My Call” – this girl’s got pipes!


Lead Guitarist Stephen Saylor (above)


TK The Architect


I’ve been a fan of this dude for a while now so I was so pumped when I heard he was part of the line up. I featured TK in 10 Songs You Should Hear Part I back in August and have had his mixtape Life in Stereo playing in my studio ever since.


He’s got a great raw, underground sound and it translates really well into his live performance.


Performing with a full backing band definitely elevated his set.


The Offshore Regulars


The Offshore Regulars are fun as hell to watch – they’re a four-piece Rock/Reggae/Funk band out of West Islip. They released their debut album The New Guy in 2013.


Andrew Culmo, Guitar/Vox (above). They brought the house down with their cover of the Isley Brothers “Shout” – seriously, a scene out of Animal House.


Jon Eiseman, Bass/Vox (above)


Brendan O’Hara, Lead Vocals (above) and Bobby VanNostrand rounds out the line-up on Drums.

Oogee Wawa


I’ve worked with and posted about these guys so many times, I doubt they need an intro – Oogee’s dropping their sophomore album “More Sand Than Money” April 3rd at Nappers in Smithtown. Stay Loose will be there – come hang with us!


JP Aceto, Guitar/Vox (above)


Chad Chadwick, Bass (Above)


Jesse Lee, Vox/MC (above) and Nick Loiodice on Drums.

Nonstop to Cairo


Nonstop to Cairo is the band that puts this all together – much respect for the hard work that goes in to making this happen. The guys previewed a bunch of new material they’ve been working on for their new album and their live performance was off the chain as usual.


Matt Ezzo, Bass (above)


August Harris, Vox/MC (above)


(above) August showing some love to the rest of the band rockin’ out behind him: Nick Diamond (Guitar/Vox), Haja Tama (Trumpet), Andrew Joseph (Tenor Sax) and Alex Turner (Drums).

Next Nonstop Party will probably be sometime in August – follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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– Chris

Night Out with Nonstop to Cairo

I met up with the guys from Nonstop to Cairo in Huntington Village for a few beers at Nags Head on a cold-ass night in February.


I shot the first bunch of photos for the new-look Nonstop who are welcoming Alex Turner replacing Dave Bartlett on drums.


You can check out the new lineup live Friday, February 27th at the Nonstop Keg Party.



To view all the photos from the shoot, visit the Stay Loose Flickr page.


Thanks for reading – hope to see you at the Nonstop Keg Party! #stayloose

– Chris

Coming Soon: Interview with Bohemians

We sat down with alt-pop band Bohemians to talk music, their new album Settle Down, Carry On and plans for 2015.


Bohemians are an alt-pop band out of Manorville – they dropped their debut album Settle Down, Carry On in January and released a music video for the single Hints. We spoke with the guys about their experience in making an album, how they got together and what they’re going to be up to this coming year. Full interview drops in March – in the meantime, check out the teaser below:


– Chris

Coming Soon: Interview with Quiet Storm

We sat down with hip-hop artist Quiet Storm to talk music, the scene on Long Island and his plans for 2015.


Quiet Storm is a hip-hop artist out of Lake Grove – he dropped his debut LP Bad Decisions in 2013 and his song 24 made our list of 10 Songs You Should Hear Part II. He’s currently working on a follow up album called Good Intentions which he plans to release this Summer – we spoke a little bit about that, about the first song he ever recorded, which was for a class project in High School (I tried getting him to release it) and a lot more. Full interview drops in March – in the meantime, check out the teaser below:


– Chris

10 Songs You Should Hear – Part II


I had a lot of fun writing the first installment of 10 Songs You Should Hear, so I wanted to write a follow up – and here it is, in no particular order, 10 more songs out of Long Island you should listen to:

1. Quiet Storm: 24

I heard of Quiet Storm through my buddy Justin at Revolution Athletics and quickly became a fan after listening to a bunch of his tracks on Reverbnation. QS reps Suffolk County and dropped his debit album Bad Decisions in July of 2013 – it’s encouraging to see another talented rapper coming out of LI, and especially great to have him repping Suffolk. Storm’s got a slew of tight music videos as well, be sure to check him out on YouTube and download Bad Decisions on Audiomack. Stand out song for me is 24 – check out the video for it here.

2. Ant Matos ft Reek Da Villian: Money Over EverythingAnt-Matos-2

Psyched about this collab – two of LI’s best, Ant Matos and Reek Da Villian come together and deliver Money Over Everything, the first single off Ant’s upcoming mixtape. Reek is an established rapper out of Roosevelt – a Busta Rhymes protégé signed to Flipmode Squad at 19, he’s performed and Recorded with the likes of Busta, The Game, Tre Beatz and more. Reek recently left Busta’s label and signed with Birdman’s sub-label Rich Gang. This is an impressive start to Ant’s sophomore effort – looking forward to what else homeboy’s got in store.

3. Warden and Fame: Puff Puff Passwarden-fame

Warden and Fame is a six-piece Hip-Hop Reggae Rock band based out of Bay Shore. I’ve seen these guys perform multiple times and had the pleasure of working with them recently on a little collab project. They’ve got plans to release a full-length album in 2015 and just released their first official single Puff Puff Pass, which they’ll be shooting a video for as well. Download the single on iTunes and stay tuned for the music video.

4. The RBC: 5th Base

I got to see The RBC play Beerfields Music Festival in 2013 just after the release of their debut album When Is Now. Rick Eberle told me I needed to check them out earlier that year and I’m glad he did – they’re a great reggae band, but with a strong punk rock influence that comes out in a lot of their music, which produces a really unique and totally awesome result. I believe they’re currently tracking for their follow-up album, but no word on when that’s coming out yet. My favorite track on When Is Now is a song called 5th Base, give it a listen.

5. Oogee Wawa & Sun-Dried Vibes: Late Night Oogee-Sundried

Oogee Wawa and Sun-Dried Vibes collaborated on a sweet party anthem which they released over summer called Late Night – dropping a video for it on YouTube in August. Sun-Dried is based out of Rock Hill, SC – they we’re up playing a bunch of shows with Oogee here on Long Island over the Summer which is when Late Night was recorded. I got to catch one of their shows at Dublin Deck in May – check out the photos here.

 6. Number F: CadiaCatyclismnumber-f

Number F is a very new band based out of Lindenhurst. They released their first (and currently their only) song CadiaCatyclism in December of 2013. I saw them perform at the Nonstop Summer Party this past August and got a chance to hear some of their new material in the works and I’m looking forward to some future releases – for now, give CadiaCatyclism a listen.

7. Dr. Baby: Spit Take

Members of Lost Kindgoms and Code Anchor come together to form the hard-hitting rock group Dr. Baby. If you were a fan of Code Anchor, you’ll love this new project – it’s got the same tight progressive rock sound with a bit more of a punk vibe. They dropped a four song demo in November, my favorite of the four is Spit Take, have a listen.

 8. John Von Braunsberg: The Haunting Chapter VJohn-Von-Braunsberg

Former Whiskey Hotel guitarist John Von Braunsberg has been working on a pretty sweet little side project called The Haunting – a series of heavy, electric guitar driven instrumentals that he records in his home studio. JVB recently joined established post-hardcore band A Crowd Like You (another LI band worth checking out) – looking forward to keeping an eye on what he’ll be up to in 2015.

9. Frank Bones: Ambulance

I saw Frank Laudicina (aka Frank Bones) perform an acoustic set opening for Oogee Wawa last February and picked up his seven track EP Just Enough To Be Dangerous which had just been released. A really nice effort overall, with the standout track for me being Ambulance.

10. Dune Local: No MoreDuneLocal

Dune Local is a hybrid rock, blues, reggae and hip-hop band out of Hampton Bays – they dropped their debut self-titled seven track album this past May. I got to see them play over the Summer – they opened their set with a Rage Against the Machine cover of Bulls On Parade, so naturally I fell in love with them immediately. They just released a music video for “No More” – a track off of their debut, which also happens to be my favorite.

And that’s the list for now – thanks for reading, be sure to visit stayloose.net and keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

– Chris

Photoshoot with Warden & Fame

I met up with the guys from The Warden and Fame earlier this week to snap some pics and chat a little bit about their plans for the rest of the year and the release of their first single with the new line up. First, let’s take a look at some of the pics and meet the band.

Fame, Vocals01_twaf_fame

Jesse Nissenbaum – Guitar/Vocals02_twaf_jesse

Matty Phresh, DJ03_twaf_matt

James “P” “Masta Digital” DeNatale, Drums/Percussion04_twaf_james-drums

James Siepka, Bass05_twaf_james-bass

Alex Mundo, Keys06_twaf_alex

The guys just released Puff Puff Pass, the first single with the newly formed line-up – you can grab that on iTunes – and they’re currently working on a full-length album with plans to release a follow up single within the next few months. They’ve also got a bunch of shows coming up around the island including one at the Emporium opening for Bad Fish. Link up with them on Facebook for more info.

More work on this collab to come, stay tuned. #stayloose

– Chris

Seasons Project


I started working on a new project (tentatively) called Seasons. I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years and have written so many guitar parts that I never took the time to flesh out or record. I got the idea while working with Bill Burns – we used one of my guitar parts to record the track “Photo Album” (listen below) – that inspired me to break in GarageBand and start messing around.

I’ve got four songs down and working on a fifth – the plan is to have 12 songs finished and ready to release some time in 2015. I’m also planning on having more local hip-hop artists collaborate on the songs and possibly releasing that as a separate project.

More to come on this – in the meantime, check out our first un-official release: “Photo Albums” by Rye Palmer, instrumental written and produced by Bill Burns and myself.


– Chris Hoenigmann

Oogee Wawa Yeti Illustration


I just finished up another illustration for my boys from Oogee Wawa before they headed out on a five week tour across the states – they can’t keep their merch on the table these days. Oogee’s bassist Chad had the idea for this one after seeing my Beast Coast Yeti illustration – he wanted a chiller version of a Yeti throwing up the Stay Loose sign. So I got to work on a bunch of sketches and ended up with this one:


After the sketch was done, I got to work in Illustrator and finished up in time for the guys to get some tees printed for the road.


Check to see if Oogee’s in your area on their website and pick up a Yeti tee while they’re still available!

Thanks for reading, #stayloose

– Chris Hoenigmann