10 Long Island Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Part 2

10-LI-Insta-Acct-2-HeaderWelcome to 10 Long Island Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Part 2. There are so many great photographers, both amateur and professional, capturing our landscape and posting what they see to Instagram everyday. One list wasn’t enough to do it justice—and the first post received such a great reaction—so I’m exited to continue sharing my favorite local Instagram accounts to follow.

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Back to the list, here are 10 Long Island Instagram accounts you should follow, in no particular order:

1. @the16thconsonant

TJ Mitchell is an amateur photographer out of Baldwin. His work has been featured on @exploreLINY and Long Island Pulse. He was inspired to get into photography after going out with his phone to shoot a sunset with some photographer friends. After noticing how much better his friends photos came out compared to his smartphone shots, he borrowed a Nikon D5100 and the rest is history. His page is now loaded with great, professional quality shots—he brings a unique style to Long Island photography—even his beach shots feel somewhat urban—colder and harder than what you typically see. He loves incorporating a sense of mystery and obscurity to his images and it always creates a really interesting result.tj-mitchell-gallery

2. @northforkgrown

I don’t know much about Bridget other than she lives on the North Fork of Long Island and she does a great job capturing the personality and landscape of the area. She gets some especially good aerial drone shots—I haven’t included any of those below, so you’ll need to go to her page to check them out. Below are three of my favorite shots—I love the tone and the mood she accomplishes with each of these images—there’s something so tranquil about them.bridget-elkin-gallery

3. @ryanmooreart

ryan-mooreRyan Moore is easily one of my favorite photographers to follow on Instagram. Below is a very small sample of the amazing work he posts daily—I found it really difficult narrowing down to only 3, so definitely make sure to go and check out his page. He specializes in beach and ocean photography. A note from his website: “When I first started to photograph the land and sea around me, the goal was simple: capture the beauty…my intentions slowly shifted over to…making the viewer say ‘Wait, this  is Long Island'”. He effectively helps us realize and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us here on LI—hopefully it encourages some of us to get out more and explore this exceptional environment we get to call home.ryan-moore-gallery

4. @barrier.island

sean-basdavanosI saw one of Sean’s photos featured on @lislandstrong and had to check out the rest of his page. He’s a photographer based out of Long Beach—which is a great place to get photos of the beach and boardwalk—and that’s where a lot of my favorite images of his are from. The one you see on the bottom right is a quintessential shot of Long Beach, the boardwalk and it’s lifestyle. I couldn’t imagine a better photo—make sure to check out his Instagram page to see the full, un-cropped version.sean-basdavanos-gallery

5. @dangrabbit.photography

amy-medinaAmy Medina is a photographer, art director, computer graphics artist, typesetter and traditional medium artist out of Suffolk. She’s the perfect example of why people love Instagram so much—it gives us daily access to a constant stream of beautiful photos taken by phenomenal photographers. I’ve chosen three of my favorites from Amy’s page below—all taken in different weather conditions, they all have a different feel/mood to them, yet still go together as if they’re part of a series. I always recognize her work when I’m scrolling through my feed—she’s one to follow for sure.amy-medina-gallery

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6. @seanone23

sean-fitzthumSean Fitzthum is an artist based in Seaford specializing in photography and design. His journey to becoming an artist was a long one—after dropping out of High School and getting his GED, he went on to study Architectural Engineering and later joined the Army working in Satellite Communications. It wasn’t until 10 years later that he decided to take a leap of faith—quitting his job to move back to LI and pursue his passions. He began taking Graphic Design courses at Nassau Community College and later found his way to photography at the Art Institute of NYC. I find his story to be so inspiring and he clearly made the right decision—he’s got an excellent eye for photography and so many of his photos are taken from unique and interesting perspectives. I’ve selected three of my favorites below and you should definitely check out some more on Sean’s Instagram page.sean-fitzthum-gallery

7. @jgoetz

josh-goetzJosh Goetz is a surfer and freelance photographer from Babylon who strives to capture the natural beauty of Long Island—an area often overshadowed by the city. He can often be found putting in long days at the beach, both behind the lens and out in the water—but he also enjoys shooting wildlife, the sun and moon, and documenting his travels. Naturally, ocean and surf photography populate much of his feed—and his work there is excellent—but when looking to select three of my favorites to demonstrate Josh’s work, I was drawn to his landscapes which achieve such great balance and symmetry. View more of Josh’s work on his awesome Instagram page.josh-goetz-gallery

8. @shotsbymeagan

meagan-miraldiMeagan Miraldi is a photographer out of Long Beach—she got into photography in High School which lead her to take some workshops in the city. After minoring in photography in undergrad, she took a bit of a hiatus during grad school. After graduating this past December, Meagan decided to pick her camera back up and started posting her photos to her personal Instagram account. “I started going down to the beach and taking pictures, and after I realized my personal instagram was 95% sunset pics, I created the handle @shotsbymeagan and dedicated it to my photography”. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with her photography, a whole lot of beautiful Long Island sunsets and skylines—I’ve chosen three of my favorites below and you can see more on her Instagram page.meagan-miraldi-gallery

9. @a.reese

a-reeseI love following photographers from the east end—the beaches and landscapes are so awesome—and Alexander Reese captures the east end—and specifically Southampton—as well as anyone. His page is filled with gorgeous shots of the Hampton’s beaches and skies like the ones you see below—he’s also a longtime surfer and has some great surf photography as well. I especially love looking at his beach shots from this past winter—always interesting to see the shoreline empty and cold. He’s definitely one to follow—check out his page for more.a-reese-gallery

10. @C_KAMS

chad-kaminskyChad Kaminsky is a designer, photographer and artist from Syosset. His photography focuses on outdoor, landscape and especially beach—and three of my favorite photos of his are of the beach, naturally. Each one has it’s own personality and tone and I love each of them respectively. His page is filled with great stuff like this and it’s fantastic getting to see his work on a daily basis—go follow his page now!chad-kaminsky-gallery

Thanks for reading the post, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll follow and support these photographers—many of them have prints available for sale through their respective websites.

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— Chris


10 Long Island Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

10-LI-Insta-Acct-Header_4Welcome to the first edition of 10 Long Island Instagram Accounts You Should Follow. There are so many awesome Long Island landscapes, sunsets and beaches that pop up in my Instagram feed everyday and I decided to put together a list of my favorite accounts that contribute to this community.

From Hewlett to Hauppauge, from Merrick to Montauk, here are 10 of my favorite Long Island Instagram accounts to follow in no particular order:

1. @michaelwittenocean

MichaelWittenMichael Witten is a beach/ocean/surf photographer out of Babylon. His Instagram is loaded with stunning photos of Long Island beaches, surfers and ocean wildlife. His motto on IG is “Get Wet. Play Hard. Be Kind. Leave Smiles.” which is super fitting with the tone of his photography. I especially love his ocean wildlife photographs, like the dolphin photo below. Check out Michael on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.MWitten_border4

2. @thirstsea

KimberlyKleinKimberly Klein is a 23 year old photographer from Hewlett. I came across her page through another Instagrammer I follow, j0e_0c, who actually took abd posted the photo I’m using in Kimberly’s profile above. I really like the white space she creates with a little over-exposure (like in the surf photo on the bottom left and the lighthouse photo on the bottom right). It gives her photos great composition and it frames her subjects perfectly.  Check out Kimberly on Instagram and Tumblr.KKlein

3. @ianmtk

Ian Cooke is a 23 year old photographer out of Montauk, LI. I came across his account when I was researching the band The Montauk Project for 10 Songs Part 1 back in August 2014. His page is a great insight into the local Montauk beach culture and it’s especially cool to see his shots this time of the year – the Montauk landscapes have an especially peaceful almost eerie feel. The beaches that are bustling in the summer are desolate and calm (aside from the local sufers of course). Check out Ian on Instagram.ICooke

4. @erica_mengouchian

Erica Mengouchian is a photographer and graphic artist from Commack. The first image of hers that I saw was the image you see to the left below. It’s such an interesting and beautiful image – the girls got some design skills! The rest of her page is made up of more traditional photography covering Montauk to Manhattan. I love her perspective – she shoots from really interesting angles and creates some truly unique compositions. Check out Erica on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And check out ericamengouchian.com as well.EMengouchian

5. @cwar5

cwar5Chris Warren is a photographer out of Southampton on the east end of Long Island. I started following Chris after I saw a few of his recent posts from snow storm Jonas. I love seeing photos of the beach – a place that’s sunny and warm and packed with people during the Summer – on the totally opposite end of the spectrum. It’s not often most of us head to the beach during the Winter months to see the places we know so well in June, July and August, covered with snow and abandoned. It’s been great seeing it from Chris’s perspective. Check Chris out on Instagram and Twitter.CWarren


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6. @a_beckerphoto

a_beckerphotoAndrew Becker is a surfer and photographer from Centereach – he gets some really great wave photos like the ones below. His photography is a great representation of Long Island beach and surf culture and I love the different colors and textures he brings out of the water. He recently started Opala Bracelets, which recycles bags and balloons that wash up on the beach and turns them into these really cool bracelets. Follow Andrew on Instagram and be sure to check out opalabracelets.com.ABecker

7. @err_lynn

Erica-EiseleErica Eisele is a photographer from Hauppauge with a “somewhat unhealthy obsession with sunsets”. Her photographs are all about beautiful, vivid colors and gorgeous Long Island landscapes. I’m super glad she’s obsessed with sunsets because her page is stunning to look at – I always recognize her photos when they pop up in my feed. Check out Erica on Instagram, Facebook and be sure to visit ele-photos.com as well.EEisele

8. @letstaukgrams

James_Katsipis2James Katsipis is a surfer and photographer out of Montauk. I started following Whalebone Magazine on Instagram when the publication launched last year – I fell in love with their design and photography, and James is the Chief Photographer there – so naturally I love his Instagram page. He’s a really versitle photographer and shoots a wide range of styles – his photographs have a lot of different personalities from one to the next. My favorite photos of his are the ones below – they blur the lines of fantasy and reality using long exposures to create a long depth of field and stunning colors. Check out James on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo. And visit jameskatsipis.com for more of his work.JKatsipis

9. @timmean

Tim Mean is a photographer out of Merrick on the south shore of Long Island. His page is filled with beautiful Long Island sunsets and landscapes like the ones you see below. I especially love the golden-toned shot in the middle – I don’t think he could have arranged those birds more perfectly in the frame if he wanted to – it’s a perfect shot. Follow Tim on Instagram.TMean2

10. @whitecapt

WhiteCapt@whitecapt is a really cool account to follow – he’s a Fire Island ferry boat captain – which means he’s probably sailed your drunk ass home from Fire Island back to Bay Shore at one point or another. He takes some really cool photos too and it’s cool to get a different perspective on your ride across the Great South Bay.WCap

Thanks for reading.

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– Chris Hoenigmann

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