Stay Loose Skatedeck Archives

I started hand-printing skatedecks in 2012 using a gel medium print-transfer technique I came up with. I printed six different designs that year and printed five more designs in 2013.

I started looking back through my archives and decided to re-share some of the old work – here are those first decks from 2012:

skatedecks_ed1_01 skatedecks_ed1_02 skatedecks_ed1_03

The next year, in 2013, I designed and printed a new set of decks to go along with the Spring Summer Collection. I just restocked some of these at the Stay Loose Shop – they’ll be available for a limited time.

Click on any of the images below to buy:

skatedecks-ed2_01 skatedecks-ed2_02 skatedecks-ed2_03 skatedecks-ed2_04

Since then, I’ve designed and printed some decks for the band Nonstop to Cairo, but haven’t done anything for Stay Loose in a while. I’m currently designing the 2016 Spring Summer Stay Loose Collection and I’m thinking of printing some limited edition decks to go along with it – more on that to come.

For a limited time, some of the decks above will be on sale at the Stay Loose shop – pick one up!

Thanks for checking this out,

– Chris

Long Island City Piers Illustration


Just finished up a new illustration of a Long Island City Pier gantry. These things were once used to load and unload rail car floats and barges from the East River onto Long Island and played a major role in the development of the LIRR. They’re no longer in use, but look really bad-ass from the east side of Manhattan.


Planning on having a small run of these printed up for this years Beerfields as well:


Stay tuned for more on these, thanks for reading #stayloose

– Chris


Bohemians – Settle Down, Carry On

Bohemians Official Image

Bohemians are a young alternative pop group out of Manorville. Members Luke Lotardo (Vocals, Keybords, Guitar), Eric Pubins (Drums), Eric Milton (Guitar, Keyboards) and Perry Ladouceur (Bass) dropped their debut album Settle Down, Carry On earlier this month. Despite their age (all just 19 years old) their songs have a mature, developed confidence about them that stack up to seasoned artists like Coldplay, The Killers and Panic at the Disco.

Painted Faces, Make Us Feel Alive and Colony are soaring, emotionally driven tracks you can’t help but listen to over and over. The albums first single Hints (which the group released a music video for as well) has the kind of infectious, pulsing chorus that you’ll be singing in your head all day. I’ve had the album on repeat in my studio since it was released on January 13 and I find myself singing along to every word of every song.

Bohemians are a homegrown Long Island brand of music that has potential to reach a national audience – expect great things out of this group of young artists. Get on board now and grab the LP on iTunes today – and stay tuned for a collab with Stay Loose sometime this year.

Thanks for reading, #stayloose

– Chris

Merry Christmas and a Look Back at 2014


With 2014 winding down and coming to a close, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday and thank you for your continued support. This past year was filled with so many great moments and milestones – here’s a super quick look back:



We revealed our new area code tees at the Nonstop Keg Party

August from Nonstop to Cairo and JP from Oogee Wawa (above) repped their respective area codes at the Nonstop Keg Party in January. Jake Furia, Whiskey Hotel, Warden and Fame and Ant Matos lit up the stage at Revolution in Amityville – it was great way to kick off the year.


We tabled at a Tropidelic / Oogee Wawa show at Nappers in Smithtown

Stoked to get a chance to see Cleveland, OH’s Tropidelic play Napper’s in Smithtown along with Oogee Wawa, Nonstop to Cairo and Frank Bones. Stay Loose had a table set up selling what was left of our 2013 product line and I snapped a bunch of pics.

I also met up with skater Keegan Cumisky (below) and Justin Kull of Revolution Athletics earlier in the month to get some pics of the guys wearing the new area code tees.




We released Stay Loose Sticker Packs featuring six new illustrations

I had been busy over the Winter working on a bunch of new illustrations and decided to release some of them together in a sticker pack. I handed the packs out at shows and would include one with all orders.

Ant Matos, August Harris, Bart Stepien and Miko Toic (below) all stopped by the Stay Loose studio for a photoshoot.




The official release the new Stay Loose Collection

We launched the new Stay Loose collection on April 25th and got a great response right off the bat thanks to the support from Oogee Wawa, Nonstop to Cairo, Whiskey Hotel, Ant Matos and so many more to help spread the word during their shows.

We also met up with and interviewed Shawn O’Connor before a Whiskey Hotel show at Revolution in Amityville.




Met Hi-Rez & Sun Dried Vibes

Hi-Rez (Ft. Lauderdale, FLA) and Sun Dried Vibes (Fort Mill, SC) are two artists I had been following for a while and it was great to have the chance to see them perform here on LI – especially cool to meet them and have them rep Stay Loose during their sets. Rye Palmer and Ant Matos opened for Rez at Amityville Music Hall and Sun Dried played with Oogee Wawa at Dublin Deck.


I also completed a new logo design for Oogee Wawa.


And had Rye Palmer, Slim (below) and Joe Rom stop by the Stay Loose studio for a photoshoot.





The 3rd Annual Beerfields Music Festival was held on Saturday June 21 – local acts like Warden and Fame, Nonstop to Cairo and Oogee Wawa alongside national acts Ballyhoo and Matisyahu made this the premier event of the Summer. We did very well, thanks to the support of the thousands of people in attendance that day – we even got a mention in LIB Magazine saying “Stay Loose LI was also very impressive…we saw hundreds of their garments floating about all night.”


I met up with local skaters Keegan Cumisky and Joe Rom later that month to snap some pics at Tanner Skatepark which re-opened in 2014.




Announced the start of Stay Loose Records and released a song and music video with Jake Furia

Bill Burns and myself got together and decided to start a new venture that would allow us to connect and collaborate further with the LI music scene. We produced and shot a music video for Jake Furia’s single “Access to Ecstasy”, and wrote an instrumental for Rye Palmer’s upcoming single “Photo Album” off the Stay Loose “Seasons” project.



Released the first installment of 10 Songs Out of LI You Should Hear

In trying to come up with new ways to help promote the local music scene and to try and turn people on to artists in their community, I decided to write a post called “10 Songs You Should Hear” featuring songs from artists like The Montauk Project, Electrik Tongues, TK the Architect, Ant Matos and more – the response was great, and I knew it would be something I would continue.


The Nonstop Summer Party was also in August and I got a chance to meet a bunch of new artists and was turned on to a whole bunch of great local music I hadn’t yet heard, bands like Groundswell, Number F and Dune Local.


Interviewed up-and-comer Rye Palmer

Got a chance to sit down with Rye Palmer to talk about some of his music and his plans for 2015 including his song for the Stay Loose “Seasons” project in this video interview.

We also had some drawstring backpacks done up for donation to the Frank Rizzo Memorial Golf Outing.


Celebs Wearing Stay Loose


Around early October I started a little project on social media called Celebs Wearing Stay Loose, which has gotten totally out of hand, but I’m having fun with it. Follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



We released our clothing collaboration with Loose Camp

Ant Matos and myself had the idea to bring our two brands (Stay Loose and Loose Camp) together – so I started working on some illustrations and designing some tees, hoodies and skatedecks. We shared a bunch of the work in progress in October and plan to release the SLXLC clothing line sometime in 2015.


I also finished up a new illustration for Oogee Wawa: the Oogee Yeti – which they had printed up and for sale on their “Ya So Fancy Fall Tour” across the US.

That month, I also launched a new version of (shown below)




We linked up with the guys from Warden and Fame

I crossed paths with the guys from Warden and Fame many times and we finally got to work together in November – we set up a photoshoot at their rehearsal space in West Babylon. In typical Warden and Fame fashion, the photoshoot turned into a party – I’ll be working with these guys again in the near future.




Earlier this month we released 10 Songs Out of LI You Should Hear Part II

Part II of this new series includes rapper Quiet Storm out of Lake Grove, Ant Matos who paired up with Reek Da Villian on his new single, The RBC and more.

It’s fun to look back, but now it’s time to move forward and we’ve got so much in store for the new year. The motto for 2015 is Move Fast and Break Things, so here’s to that – until next year,

– Chris Hoenigmann

Stay Loose X Loose Camp Clothing Collab

If you haven’t heard of Wantagh’s Ant Matos and his clique Loose Camp, you need to check him out ASAP. Ant burst onto the scene in 2013 with his mixtape “Keep Campin” and he’s been putting in work ever since, hitting venues across LI, Manhattan and New Jersey. The track “Wicked Rubbish” was recently listed as one of the 10 Songs You Should Hear on our blog and we featured him in our Rep Your Side LI project back in May.

Ant and I keep in touch with the different projects we’re both working on and a couple of months ago had the idea to collaborate on a project – to bring our two brands Stay Loose and Loose Camp together. We previewed some of the ideas I’ve been working on over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – here’s a closer look at what we’ve got in store:

01. Ant Matos Character Illustration


The first concept I started working on was a character illustration of Ant rockin’ a Stay Loose Snapback and holding up the LC hand sign.


02. Loose Camp Script


The second idea I started working on was some custom typography for the Loose Camp brand that could be used throughout all of the concepts (notice this script on Ant’s shirt in the illustration from the first concept). It’s also strong enough to stand on it’s own:




03. Loose Camp Flushing, NY


The last concept I worked on is a play on that baseball team from Flushing. Ant and I are both life-long Mets fans – Ant grew up in Corona, Queens right near Shea so it was a fitting way to make a connection with his background. This would work well on a tee or hoodie:


We’ll have more info on this project soon – also look out for Ant’s upcoming collaboration with Stay Loose Records. Thanks for reading, #stayloose

– Chris

New Oogee Wawa Tank


Oogee Wawa just released a new tank top in collaboration with Stay Loose. I designed the new Oogee logo back in May and the guys had these tanks printed up last month. They’re available in black and white at all Oogee Wawa shows while they last.

Oogee’s “We Don’t Care” was recently selected as one of the 10 Songs You Should Hear on our blog – give it a listen – and go check them out live, they’re playing this Saturday, August 23 at the Nonstop Summer Party at Revolution in Amityville.


– Chris


Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween – so this year, we decided to do something to celebrate:




Now thru Halloween, when you order a Stay Loose Zip Up Hoodie or Snapback, we’ll slip a tee in with your order for free! Along with some other Halloween stuff – how cool is that?

All you need to do is visit the Stay Loose Shop, order your Stay Loose Zip Up and/or Snapback Hat, and we’ll take care of the rest. Happy Halloween! #stayloose

– Chris

*Note: if you order a zip up, we’ll base the size of the shirt off the size of the zip up. If you order a hat, we’ll email you for your preference. 

Stay Loose Homepage – Release Schedule

Stay Loose Homepage

One of the cool things about the Launch Schedule on the Stay Loose homepage is that we’re not only releasing new pieces of the collection every day of the week, but we’re also releasing some pretty sweet photography to go with it.

When you rollover a shirt/hat on the homepage, you’ll get to see it in action worn by members of the Stay Loose team.  This helps show off the fit of the shirts and hats – and shows Keegan and Joe pulling off some bad ass tricks.

As of today (3/23) we’ve released 3 pieces of the collection and we’ve got 5 more to come! We’re taking a break over the weekend but right back to the schedule starting Monday, so check throughout the coming week.

All photography is also available as it’s released on our Pinterest Page and our Facebook Page, so check those out too!

– Chris Hoenigmann


We moved the blog

Decided it was time to move the Stay Loose blog today – it was at an old address (a really long, impossible to remember address) and I feel like as a whole is a little disjointed, being that my blog was hosted one place, my online store another and then the main site yet another.

Over the weekend, I migrated to it’s own dedicated hosting (it was previously hosted jointly with a design business I operate). The move gives me more control and I can start pulling everything for Stay Loose under one roof.

So, the Stay Loose blog is now located at – how easy is that?

Only problem is it’s a pain to move everything from the old blog to the new one, so I’m leaving everything at – so it’s all still there, but moving forward, all new content will be posted right here.

The Spring/Summer Collection launch beings this week, so check back!

– Chris Hoenigmann